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Ed told his stories with Porcupine at a gathering uniting WOTE (Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.), IWOK (Indigenous Ways of Knowing Project) and NISA (Northwest Indian Storytellers Association).  (That's Mary Priester in the background, helping to keep the story rolling, as taught by Ed.)  The event took place at Lewis & Clark College, May 15.  Ed is also seen giving daughter, Se-ah-dom Edmo (Program Director of IWOK) a hug as she enjoys the warmth of a gifted blanket.  The event  included the honoring of members, storytellers and volunteers, great food provided by Se-ah-dom, singing and dancing, as well as the music of Nico Wind Cordova and William Ward. Ed's storytelling was the usual hit of the evening!


Photo:  Anne Morin, 2009


Photo:  Anne Morin, 2009

Ed and son, John Edmo, who helped to introduce the story of Tsagagalal with his honor songs and drumming, for camera and sound men and public television director working on an Art Beat progam that will air in September, 2009.


Photo:  Anne Morin, 2009


Photo:  Anne Morin, 2009

Ed tells his stories by Tsagagalal, She Who Watches, at Horse Thief Lake and explains the importance of the pictographs and petroglyphs in the area to Native people of the Columbia River.